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The 'V' in Value

Morita’s V Cut Boxes are paper boxes that give off the sharp and beautiful appearance of wooden boxes.
The sturdy body safeguards the precious contents,
while the elegant appearance adds even greater value to the product placed inside.
What would you keep safe inside that kind of box, and what kind of form would you give it?

About V Cut Boxes


RIN With an appearance and feel that’s strong and dignified,
this item cuts a commanding, majestic figure.

V Cut Boxes have a shape like the letter “V” cut folded and bent into core material with a thickness of 2–3 mm. The box is made in such a way that corners of the outer side come to a clean right angle, and this shape gives it a sharp and solid look like a wooden box. It enhances the feel of quality of the item placed inside and features a strikingly beautiful appearance.


TAN-SEI A feel of ultimate precision, without a movement
or position even slightly out of place.

The precision of our box making can be seen in the edges. The hinges and the joints between the fellow components have increased strength from the flawless assembly of the grooves and notches, much like a building made by a carpenter who specializes in the ancient Japanese art of constructing temples or shrines. When opening or shutting the box, the lid fits to the base box as if adhering to it, yet without producing a single sound.


SHOU The palm of the hand. It has a warmth like love in the heart.
It supports. And it connects.

Many processes are conducted through manual labor. Specialist craftspeople use dedicated equipment to precisely cut grooves, conduct foil stamping, and assemble the product. Paper is somewhat like a living thing, in that it changes in response to the temperature and the level of humidity. Minute adjustments of differences down to a fraction of a millimeter ensure a perfect fit. This is the kind of excellence that mass production cannot provide.


KAN Like a ring, circling and returning once again.

The core material is made from “MILKRAFT,” a sustainable paper with a low environmental burden manufactured from recycled milk cartons. Also, with their excellent design, the sturdy V Cut Boxes can be reused as a container to place small accessories in after the box has completed the role of housing a product.


Book style

The single-door lid and base box consist of one board. The box is one unit comprising the lid and base box. Designed with exacting precision, the lid closes perfectly. This is the orthodox form for a V Cut Box.

Single-tiered / multi-tiered box type

In these types, the lid and base box are separate. Available variations include shoulder-neck boxes as well as lid and base boxes.

Variable type

We can create these in several forms, such as tray and sleeve box type multi-tiered boxes, hexagonal boxes, tray shaped cases, and more.

About the MORITA Corporation


Located in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido prefecture, the MORITA Corporation is a paper box manufacturer that was established in 1932. The company was initially involved primarily in creating boxes for the products sold at major department stores, engaging in handmade construction of product cases and gift boxes for items such as food products, general goods, clothing, and more.

Although the idea of “boxes” may seem straightforward, there are great differences in intended purposes, construction methods, and materials, producing a variety of shapes and sizes. The MORITA Corporation makes maximum use of the respective strengths of manufacturing with machines and crafting items by hand, and now can handle high mix, low volume production for order made items.

The MORITA Corporation specializes in particular in V Cut Boxes. V Cut Boxes use a manufacturing method specific to Japan. The MORITA Corporation’s clients include a brewer of alcoholic drinks that is representative of Japan, a sweets company that has drawn attention in Japan and elsewhere, and a popular accessory brand. And we work together with exciting up-and-coming designers to create the boxes that will house our clients’ products.

Going forward, the MORITA Corporation will make the best use of its productivity, experience, and know-how. And we’ll continue working to clearly understanding what our clients will place inside our boxes and why, and then deliver paper boxes of ever-better designs and shapes.

Map of Japan showing the location of Sapporo.


Q1. What will you put inside the box?

Please be as specific as possible about the details of the product,
the special characteristics of the product, and the size and shape of the product body.

Q2. How will the box be used?

Please be as specific as possible is answering the following questions:
Will it be sold at a store? Will it be sold only through e-commerce? Is it for a product package or a gift box?
What is the intended use of the box?

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